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A much more specific (and simpler) workflow for a public-intelligence newsletter ~ 3 ~ Oct 2016

The simpler things are, the more people will participate in them. With that in mind, I’m abandoning the idea of using gitit, even though it’s a very cool app. The workflow for the newsletter will happen entirely in WordPress, apart from the translation process (and even that could be done there, although I don’t recommend […]

Starting to compile articles ~ 1 ~ Oct 2016

Spanish Cooperativismo y transformación social (I) Del cooperativismo de complementación al cooperativismo de transformación. Gestión, democracia participativa y rentabilidad necesaria para una economía alternativa Red Metalúrgica Cooperativa. Aportes para pensar el trabajo en red La continuidad de la empresa por sus trabajadores en el marco del juicio de quiebra. El caso de la cooperativa de […]

Interesting articles for October 25, 2016 ~ 1 ~ Oct 2016

English Commonsplace, a new podcast on the co-op movement in the US Silke Helfrich on Patterns of Commoning Open Access Week Take back the music – with Platform Coops! The Cooperative Movement vs. Global Capitalism Is the collaborative economy an opportunity for co-operatives? (original paper) Finding an Alternate Route: Towards Open, Eco-cyclical, and Distributed Production […]

Interesting articles for October 27, 2016 ~ 1 ~ Oct 2016

English The Case For #WeAreTwitter: Why Twitter-as-a-co-op might actually be a smart business idea The Italian Region Where Co-ops Produce a Third of Its GDP Digital Economy and the Rise of Open Cooperativism: The Case of the Enspiral Network The Case for “Disruptive Normality” Building the Cooperative Internet Spanish La hemeroteca completa de la revista […]

Interesting articles for October 28, 2016 ~ 5 ~ Oct 2016

English Patterns of Commoning: Eight Design Principles for Successful Commons Announcing: A European Commons Assembly They don’t want us to do this! Spanish La Economía Social y Solidaria en el contexto de las políticas de austeridad Portuguese Para onde caminham as cooperativas de trabalho da Economia Solidária? Uma análise baseada nos Mapeamentos dos Empreendimentos Solidários […]

Interesting articles for October 31, 2016 ~ 9 ~ Oct 2016

English Get involved: Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign Peer-to-Peer Digital Networking: How the Internet Should Work SAMA becomes first Fairtrade-certified gold co-operative in Africa About Make Works Self-Empowerment Through Cooperative Enterprise: Two Examples of Cooperative Business in Rural Latin America (Spanish-language video subtitled in English) Cooperatives uniquely poised to reboot Madagascar’s vanilla industry Colombian co-operatives continue […]

Cooperativism and social transformation (I) ~ 1 ~

The founders understood that they had to be very rigorous in making cooperative businesses economically profitable, because that was essential for workers to improve their living conditions.

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