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Interesting articles for November 1, 2016 ~ 1 ~ Nov 2016

English #BuyTwitter? German newspaper Taz has been there, done that. Mondragon promotional video A Commons Approach to the Challenges of Our Time Spanish COOPERATIVISMO DE PLATAFORMA: Desafiando la economía colaborativa corporativa  

Interesting articles for November 2, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

English Rojava’s Social Economy: an eyewitness account We Are All Leaders Here! How Democratic Leadership Makes Us More Powerful The privilege of being privileged Mexico’s Indigenous Groups Start Telecom Co-op after Being Refused Service The next digital economy: Why refusing to grow is better business Why is Open Hardware Inherently Sustainable Empowering women in Costa […]

Interesting articles for November 3, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

English Our view: New technologies can ensure co-operatives are the true alternative Faircoin may offer a fairer and more stable way for co-ops to trade internationally than traditional currencies and markets. Puede que el Faircoin ofrezca una manera más justa y estable de hacer el intercambio international que las monedas y los mercados tradicionales. A […]

Interesting articles for November 4, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

English Toward an open cooperativism, by David Bollier A long but highly recommended piece on the importance of co-ops and commons to each other, and the practical steps we can take to promote both. Un artículo largo pero muy recomendado sobre la importancia de las cooperativas al procomún y vice-versa, y los pasos concretos que […]

Common Interests ~ 2 ~ Nov 2016

There’s no indication that early members of the modern cooperative movement viewed their co-ops as the commons reborn—indeed, they might well have denied it—but the purposes and practices show a strong continuity.

Interesting articles for November 7, 2016 ~ 0 ~

English Indigenous co-op development In Saskatchewan. En Saskatchewan, Canadá Posts in “Patterns of Commoning” The P2P Foundation is serializing the entire book Patterns of Commoning here. La Fundación P2P está publicando en serie el libro entero “Patterns of Commoning” aquí. Walmart Vs. Food Co-ops: Taking Back Our Food Chain Food co-ops focus on local, sustainable […]

Interesting articles for 8 November, 2016 ~ 7 ~ Nov 2016

The Untold Story of the Evergreen Cooperatives To really understand where the Evergreen Cooperatives stand today and how they got there, we have to first address the reality — then and now, surrounding the so-called «Cleveland Model». Para realmente entender donde están las Cooperativas de Evergreen y como llegaron, primeramente tenemos que abordar la realidad—la […]

Interesting articles for November 8, 2016 ~ 0 ~

Cooperativas de trabajo protagonistas en la movilización del 4N – Agencia de Noticias ANSOL Cooperativas de trabajo protagonistas en la movilización del 4N Worker co-ops play a major role in union demonstrations on 11/4 in Buenos Aires Let’s Build the Next Twitter Like the Green Bay Packers For Nathan Schneider, the future of Twitter is […]

Interesting articles for November 9, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Un compás ético para la economía colaborativa Sería una pena tener que tirar a la basura todo el concepto, que tanto camino ha recorrido, simplemente porque se usa de manera laxa, ambigua y a veces directamente maliciosa. It would be a shame to throw out the whole concept of a sharing economy, which has come […]

Interesting articles for November 12, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Closing the Funding Gap for Worker Cooperatives One of the things that has always been the hardest about financing cooperatives is finding lenders or finding investors that understand the uniqueness of the structure. Una de las cosas más difíciles en cuanto a financiar las cooperativas es hallar prestadores o inversores que entienden lo único de […]

What I wish the Rochdale Pioneers had done differently ~ 1 ~ Nov 2016

When production becomes ethical, consumption becomes ethical automatically. More importantly, we can spend our days working ethically, not just a few minutes a week buying ethically.

Interesting articles for November 15, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Co-operatives can help curb global inequality – Business – NZ Herald News New Zealand has become a global leader helping create resilient programmes Nueva Zelanda se ha convertido en líder global en crear programas resilientes. Jovica Kuzmanoski – Medium Collaborative economy as a socio-economic trend based on the concepts of e-business, its impact and the […]

Interesting articles for November 16, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Towards An Open Social Economy on Livestream Work on the commons and cooperation, on collaborative and learning organizations, FOSS, peer production, and a broader set of disciplines and practices that have developed over the past twenty years provide the foundations of a more decentralized, self-governed, socially-embedded model of market society. El trabajo sobre el procomún, […]

Interesting articles for November 17, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Argentina: Vecinos crearon una cooperativa de consumo para dar batalla a la inflación Ofrece una canasta básica con un 40% de ahorro respecto a los precios de los supermercados locales. Neighbors created a supermarket that offers basic goods at 40% less than local supermarkets. L’OIT alerte sur les dangers des nouveaux « emplois atypiques » Sharing is […]

Interesting articles for November 18, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Hope For Imagining a World Beyond Corporate Control The commons is not just a battlefield between corporate predators and those who resist them – it is also a source of hope for those willing to imagine a world beyond capitalism. El procomún no es solo un campo de batalla entre los predadores corporativos y quienes […]

Interesting articles for November 21, 2016 ~ 8 ~ Nov 2016

Platform Cooperativism conference in the shadow of Trump Scholz: After the election I thought that I should cancel the conference and instead hold another on what we must do now, but then I realised that Platform Cooperativism is part of what we must do now. To come up with cooperative solutions to the crises we […]

The understanding of work and the work of understanding ~ 1 ~

A cooperative and communal view of the world is not an escapist or idealized view. I’m not suggesting we retreat to the woods to dance around campfires, or to ivory towers to deconstruct meaning.

Interesting articles for November 22, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Pierre Thomé : quel avenir pour les communs ? Introducing Coop Talk: A Letter from the Editor The emerging new politics will work for democratizing enterprises, and thereby the economy. In place of hierarchical, top-down autocratic enterprise organizations, it will advance worker cooperatives. La nueva política emergente trabajará para democratizar las empresas, y así la […]

Interesting articles for November 23, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Ours To Hack and To Own: a Review I work at Loomio (a kind of platform co-op) and Enspiral (a kind of co-op platform), so Trebor offered me a sneak peek at the book so I could offer my thoughts. Trabajo en Loomio (una suerte de cooperativa de plataforma) y Enspiral (una suerte de plataforma […]

Interesting articles for November 24, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Poner en valor los Procomunes Invisibles Los procomunes invisibles son todos esos vínculos, prácticas, fetiches y recursos no-monetarios, modos de hacer que (para bien o para mal) hemos asimilado en nuestra práctica colectiva y que hacen sostenible la vida en común. The invisible commons are all the links, practices, fetishes, non-monetary resources, and ways of […]

Interesting articles for November 28, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Build democracy and it spreads like a virus A Q&A on Platform Co-ops with Nathan Schneider, as part of our focus on Platform Co-ops. Una entrevista sobre cooperativas de plataforma con Nathan Schneider, como parte de nuestro enfoque en las cooperativas de plataforma. Canadian John Restakis Visits Rojava Cooperatives and Trains Members John Restakis went […]

Common interests: co-ops and commons ~ 8 ~

The democratic and socially conscious nature of co-ops make the knowledge commons a natural fit for us. A co-op is essentially a commons within itself already, and participating in the global knowledge commons is a very fitting next step.

Interesting articles for November 29, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Buying Twitter is a fairy tale. #WeAreTwitter What if universities could come together and collaborate on innovation labs to create new kinds of networks, built by software professionals for stakeholders other than venture capitalists? What if cooperatives and unions could, too? ¿Y si las universidades podrían unirse y colaborar en laboratorios de inovación para crear […]

Interesting articles for November 30, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Economics As If Future Generations Mattered Creating a commons ethic for ecological restoration and social justice Creando una ética del procomún para la restauración ecológica y la justicia social Two Models of Cooperative Development A chat with Jessica Bonanno from the Democracy Collaborative and Adam Trott from the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives. Una plática […]

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