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Interesting articles for November 28, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Build democracy and it spreads like a virus A Q&A on Platform Co-ops with Nathan Schneider, as part of our focus on Platform Co-ops. Una entrevista sobre cooperativas de plataforma con Nathan Schneider, como parte de nuestro enfoque en las cooperativas de plataforma. Canadian John Restakis Visits Rojava Cooperatives and Trains Members John Restakis went […]

Interesting articles for November 29, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Buying Twitter is a fairy tale. #WeAreTwitter What if universities could come together and collaborate on innovation labs to create new kinds of networks, built by software professionals for stakeholders other than venture capitalists? What if cooperatives and unions could, too? ¿Y si las universidades podrían unirse y colaborar en laboratorios de inovación para crear […]

Interesting articles for November 30, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Nov 2016

Economics As If Future Generations Mattered Creating a commons ethic for ecological restoration and social justice Creando una ética del procomún para la restauración ecológica y la justicia social Two Models of Cooperative Development A chat with Jessica Bonanno from the Democracy Collaborative and Adam Trott from the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives. Una plática […]

Interesting articles for December 1, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Editorial Muchas Nueces: autogestión desde el pie Una fábrica de libros autogestivos que habla de diversidad, reciclado, megaminería y fábricas recuperadas. [Argentine publishing co-op Muchas Nueces] is a factory of self-managed books that talk about diversity, recycling, mega-mining, and recovered factories. Al rescate de las escuelas No solamente las empresas de producción se recuperan: también […]

Interesting articles for December 2, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Camille Kerr on Unionized Platform Cooperatives for the Caregiving Industry Platform cooperativism has the potential to completely transform the caregiving industry – including childcare and homecare – into dignified jobs where people make a livable wage and have control over their work lives. El cooperativismo de trabajo tiene potencial para transformar completamente la industria del […]

Interesting articles for December 5, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Las Cooperativas en Colombia: experiencia de vida y desarrollo social Las Cooperativas en Colombia: experiencia de vida y desarrollo social Cooperatives in Colombia: an experience of life and social development The Community Finance Canvas: commoning in practice The question is: how can groups of people get together and purchase or lease assets make commoning work […]

Interesting articles for December 6, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

#TheShift Summit plots cooperative course to success for local Black residents The first annual #TheShift Summit on Friday, November 18, 2016 gathered African-American business and community workers to learn about cooperatives and other ways to empower neighborhoods. El primer Cumbre Anual #TheShift [El Cambio], que se dio viernes 18 de noviembre del 2016, reunió a […]

Interesting articles for December 7, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Ours To Hack And To Own We believe that a chief ambition of fostering a more commons-centric economy is to recapture surplus value, which is now feeding speculative capital, and re-invest it in the development of open, ethical productive communities. Creemos que lamayor ambición de fomentar una economía más procomún-céntrico es reapropriar la plusvalía que […]

Interesting articles for December 8, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Not Alone Trade union and co-operative solutions for self-employed workers Soluciones sindicales y cooperativas para trabajadores autoempleados Four platform co-ops that are making a change Innovative thinkers are joining online platforms with co-operative models of business to create a new wave of digital organisations owned by the people. Pensadores inovadores se están sumando a las […]

Interesting articles for December 9, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Flanders—How a worker-owned co-op lifts people out of poverty Given enough time, worker-owned cooperatives tend to increase wages and improve working conditions, and advocates say a local co-op generally stays where it’s founded and acts as a leadership-building force. Con el tiempo, las cooperativas propiedad de los trabajadores tienden a aumentar los salarios y mejorar […]

Interesting articles for December 12, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

The Full Participation Economy Part I : Prison Workers, the American Worker and the Power of Cooperative Work Parte 1: Trabajadores prisioneros, el trabajador norteamericáno, y el poder del trabajo cooperativo. What Would a World Without Bosses Be Like? Zanon was missing one thing that almost every other factory in the world has: An owner. […]

Interesting articles for December 13, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Can the co-operative sector stay relevant in the internet age? Have you noticed how more and more aspects of our lives are being managed and moved online? ¿Te das cuenta de que cad vez más aspectos de nuestras vidas se manejan y se trasladan en línea? The Time Is Now! Commons From Past to Present: […]

Interesting articles for December 15, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Co-ops make a difference. But how do we know they do? While it can be demanding on resources and time to quantify this wider contribution, it is probably about time that we took the measurement of the social value that co-ops create more seriously. Aunque cuesta muchos recursos y tiempo cuantificar esta contribución más amplia, […]

Interesting articles for December 16, 2016 ~ 0 ~ Dec 2016

Seizing the Production of Means I like the name of this site, I like the name of this article, and I like this article. Me gusta el nombre de este sitio de web, me gusta el nombre del artículo, y me gusta el artículo. Co-operatives and the gig economy The co-op movement needs to get […]

Interesting articles for January 6, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

A nuestros/as compañeros/as, los/as trabajadores/as de la Cooperativa de Trabajo Hotel BAUEN El 27 de diciembre, Mauricio Macri vetó la Ley de expropiación del Hotel BAUEN, sancionada por amplia mayoría en el Congreso de la Nación. Los fundamentos del decreto aluden principalmente al costo fiscal de una medida que favorece ‘exclusivamente a un grupo particularizado […]

Interesting articles for January 9, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Value in the Commons Economy Our main thesis is that we are moving from a system based on the creation of value through labor and capital in a market system, to a system which recognizes broader value streams, which are experienced as ‘contributions’ to systems that are based on the co-construction of shared resources, i.e. […]

Interesting articles for January 13, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Forget Twitter, Let’s Buy Medium Are we ready to turn Medium into a Balanced Ownership Platform Co-op, and change the internet for the better? ¿Estamos listos para convertir Medium en una Cooperativa Plataforma de Propiedad Balanceada y mejorar el Internet? The Digital Republic | David Bollier What is this Digital Republic? It is the federation […]

Interesting articles for January 18, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Peer-to-peer: a new opportunity for the left Digital technologies allow for the creation of a new mode of production, a new mode of allocation, and new types of social relations beyond the state-market nexus. Las tecnologías digitales permiten la creación de un nuevo modo de producción, un nuevo modo de distribución, y nuevos tipos de […]

Interesting articles for January 24, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Afghan Beekeepers Demonstrate the Power of Co-ops to Transform Lives The cooperative beekeeping industry is an example of how co-ops can transform the lives of people with limited access to resources — those who have historically been unable to create entrepreneurial ventures. La industria apícola cooperativa es un ejemplo de como las cooperativas pueden transformar […]

Interesting articles for January 25, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Rules by Commonsplace In this episode: Boulder, Philadelphia, Minnesota, California, and more. En este episodio, noticias de Boulder, Filadelfia, Minnesota, California, y más. Podcast: How People Around the World Are Building a Solidarity Economy In the face of social and ecological peril, there’s a movement that continues to build and resist. This podcast will take […]

Interesting articles for January 27, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

Union co-operatives: what they are and why we need them Unions play a vital role in counter-balancing alienation and frustration, responding to organizations imposing alienating practices on their workers. However, neoliberal policies have contributed to a long-term decline of union membership and influence in the Anglosphere and elsewhere. Los sindicatos juegan un rol vital en […]

Interesting articles for January 31, 2017 ~ 0 ~ Jan 2017

From Grocery Stores to Labor Unions, Cooperatives Were the Answer Worker-ownership economics catch on in Ohio, Nevada, and North Carolina. La economía de propiedad de los trabajadores se fomenta en Ohio, Nevada, y Carolina del Norte. Les presentamos la nueva biblioteca de cultura digital de Ártica Inauguramos la nueva biblioteca de Ártica, donde encontrarán libros […]

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